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Improve Security Of WordPress Website Using Sucuri Plugin

Submitted by admin on Fri, 12/10/2021 - 22:35
Sucuri Security is a great plugin to improve security of your WordPress website. The main functions of Sucuri Security plugin are:

How To Install Sucuri Security Plugin

Installation of plugin is straight forward. Just search for Sucuri Security from your WordPress dashboard plugin page and install the plugin.

WordPress plugin url is:

Check Core WordPress Files For Any Modification

Visit the Dashboard of Sucuri Security plugin and it will show you the list of modified WordPress files and also the date of modification. This is very useful to find if your wordpress installation is compromised or not.


Audit Log

The plugin provides detailed audit log of your website activities. This include files modification, post information, plugin activities, theme activities, user activities etc. You also get time and IP of the activity.

This is very useful to track activities and find any un-usual activities on your website.

Scan Website

Sucuri Security plugin scan your wordpress website for followings:

  • malicious JavaScript
  • malicious iFrames
  • suspicious redirections
  • blackhat SEO spam

If it find any issue with your wordpress website, it will list the issue. You can than analyse the problem and fix it.

It check your website for blacklisted on different platforms like: Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee, Sucuri Labs, ESET, PhishTank, Yandex, Opera, Spamhaus.

Harden WordPress

Sucuri Security plugins provides many wordpress hardening options. Like:

  • Remove WordPress Version
  • Provide option to block execution of PHP Files in /wp-content/Uploads directory
  • Provide option to block execution of PHP Files in /wp-content/ directory
  • Provide option to block execution of PHP Files in /wp-includes directory
  • Provide option to disable Plugin and Theme Editor
Sucuri Security plugins sends you many alert mails depending on your plugin settings. Like for files modification, change in settings, user login etc.

This is very important feature if your website is under some attack as you gets notifications for almost every activity of your wordpress website. You can track the attack and fix it as soon as something suspicious is happening.


Firewall Protection

This is a paid feature of Sucuri Security plugin. With firewall you get extra security of your wordpress website.


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