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5 Best Code Editor for Web Development

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 08:35

Code editor is the most basic and important tools of a web developers. Choosing a good code editor is must for efficient coding. A good code editor should have following features:

  1. Modern look and feel.
  2. Fast loading.
  3. User friendly
  4. Easy to configure and get started.
  5. Support for many web development languages.
  6. Plugin support
  7. Syntax highlighting, Auto complete

Below I have listed my 5 favourite code editor in 2019. Yes, all these are free.
1. Visual Studio Code
2. Atom
3. Sublime Text
4. Brackets
5. Notepad++

Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code is a free, fully featured open-source code editor by Microsoft. It is most popular code editor in web development community. It is fast in loading and working.

Download Visual Studio Code



Atom is a free, modern, open-source cross-platform code editor from Github. You can use this on Windows, Linux and mac.
Download Atom

Sublime Text


Sublime Text is a very popular code editor within the web developer community. It is fast, lightweight and cross-platform code editor with many cool features and plugins.

Sublime is free for trial. But you can use the free trail for unlimited period. You will be prompted to purchase the full version, but you can keep ignoring the message and use it for unlimited period. There isn't any restriction in the free.

Download Sublime Text



Brackets is another modern and cool code editor by Adobe that is almost exclusively for web designers.
Download Brackets



The first impression of Notepad++ will give you that it is a old type and very basic type editor. But its not like that. It is very light weight and powerful code editor. You can do almost everything that a modern code editor should do. There are hundreds of plugins, and 20+ inbuilt themes.

Download Notepad++

If you know any other good code editor use any other code editor, please comment below.


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